Brows By Tara first blog

So excited and yet a little nervous to be writing my first ever blog, having been in the brow game for 10 years now I know that trends change and similar to technology, they too evolve.

So I thought it would be best to move with the times and try my hand at writing about my passion and hope it comes through to you in my blog.

Taking it back to where it all began for me, Pamela Anderson was the all the rage back in year 11 of High School. We all wanted to achieve the high arched, pencil thin eyebrow.

The technology we are used to this day in age hardly existed then, so it was relying on a poster to copy your brows from. The thinner the better was the aim, and then to pencil them on with what could only be described as a crayon that went on so heavy you looked liked someone had just given you a nasty fright.  I look back at old pictures and think “wow, can I really call those guys friends?” why oh why did no one speak up and say that I resembled something from a circus act?

I naturally have a very square face, so “barely there” brows are a massive NO NO for this face shape, by the year 2000, the brow trend had become a little fuller so I took to studying face shapes and what brows work on various types.  At the age of 17 I was introduced by a good friend to the truly amazing world of MAC make-up.  Wow what a game changer that was!  After using pencils, pomades and powders I had become accustomed to drawing them on and rubbing them off. But pencils and powders don’t always come off that easily, and slightly frustrating when you have nearly done a full face of make-up.

The stunning young girl that worked there recommended to me a type of pencil / crayon which you turn at the end to produce the colour to use. With over 10 shades this is a must for any brow, the ease with which this products goes on is just wonderful and depending on the look you are hoping to achieve you can get a really full glam or more natural look.  With the softness of this particular type of brow pencil you are able to glide with ease and manipulate the shape to exactly how you want it.  

After saying all of the above, pencilling your eyebrows everyday can be time consuming and an effort.  My eyebrows are very fair and I started to research something else I could do as a more permanent fixture. My beauty therapist at the time recommended tinting my brows to give them more definition. I really liked the sound of it and she gave me a patch test 24hr before the procedure (any good therapist should always carry out a test).

She invited me back for a consultation to explain the procedure in full and what the benefits were to having my brows tinted. The patch test was all good and she started with a light brown, they did look a little different but certainly not worth the £10 I had just paid for them, I couldn’t help but think I could have done a better job myself. However, I did like the effect and this is where my intrigue took over, by the age of 25 I changed my profession completely and decided to take a leap of faith and apply for a beauty course.

My first ever qualification was Eyebrow Waxing and I feel in love with it from day dot. The power of the brow should never be underestimated and in an instance can make a person look years younger just by having the right brow for their face shape.

After achieving my qualifications I started offering my services in the way of pamper parties and was told how naturally good I was, particular with brows. My clients told me they never knew an eyebrow appointment could be so thorough and my mother proclaimed “Tara, you are going to be the most poorly paid beautician with how long a brow wax takes you”. What they didn’t realise was I was treating every appointment like they were coming to the hairdressers. So it was never a quick 5 minute in the chair tidy up, I wanted every single client to feel they had money well spent and more importantly, been listened too. For me I wanted every brow to be a WOW BROW.

No time is every spared at Brows By Tara, we pride our service on going that extra mile. We have our 7 step procedure that we follow to ensure you have the perfect brow every time.

We have recently relocated to Rochester in Kent and we are so excited to be able to offer our services in the Medway towns.

We appreciate that finding a new beautician can be daunting so we wanted to reassure that we will do everything to make your choice as easy as possible, Brows By Tara is certainly not a “one stop shop” where one brow fits all.

I hope you enjoyed my first ever blog 😬, thank you for taking the time to read this. We would love to hear from you with any questions or to book your consultation.

Looking forward to my next blog already, lots of brow love Tara x  

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